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The Starfinder Society is a worldwide science fantasy roleplaying campaign set in the Starfinder Universe. As an agent of the Starfinder Society, an organization of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers headquartered in the Lorespire Complex of Absalom Station, you dedicate your time to discovering and chronicling all corners of the galaxy (and beyond). Starfinder adventures range from exploring unknown worlds and star systems to undertaking covert assignments within the bowels of the Pact World’s largest metropolises.

Starfinder Society uses Paizo’s Starfinder Roleplaying Game ruleset and setting under the campaign leadership of the Paizo Organized Play Team. This guide presents the information you need to participate in this exciting, dynamic campaign. Welcome to the Starfinder Society!

What Is Paizo Organized Play?

In a Paizo organized play campaign, your character adventures in a shared setting with thousands of other gamers worldwide. Anyone can host games, in homes, game stores, libraries, at conventions, and online, as long as they report the adventure’s results afterward. Reporting earns participants campaign rewards and player actions influence the fate of the worlds of the Starfinder roleplaying game.

As part of the organized play experience, you can take your character to any Starfinder Society event in the world, allowing you to join a game with friends and strangers alike with ease. And after each adventure, your characters grow stronger and carry their rewards with them to the next adventure, even if your fellow players and Game Masters (GMs) change between adventures. The Paizo organized play experience is uniquely immersive, as the diverse range of players, GMs, and characters provide incredible depth. The campaign is also a great way to meet other gamers and play regularly without needing to schedule regular events with a single set of people as you might for a more traditional game.

In order to help the Starfinder Society program run smoothly as a unified campaign, there are some additional rules to ensure a consistent and fair experience for everyone—no matter who is playing or running the game. The rest of this guide covers that information.

Besides the Starfinder Society, Paizo Organized Play programs also include the Pathfinder Society (second edition) campaign , the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society , and the Pathfinder Society (first edition) campaigns.

Paizo’s organized play team oversees the campaign’s content and program structure, and team members include the Organized Play Manager, Organized Play Associate, Organized Play Managing Developer, Organized Play Developers, and design liaisons. Volunteers called Venture-Officers facilitate the campaign by coordinating the worldwide network of players and GMs.

Register for Organized Play

To ensure you have access to all the tools and benefits available to players, you need an organized play number and an account on paizo.com. To create an account, visit paizo.com/organizedplay and click on the “New Players Create an Account” button.

If you are unable to acquire an organized play number online, ask your Event Coordinator for help.

My Organized Play

Every registered organized play participant has a record on paizo.com. You can access this information by direct link or by visiting paizo.com, hovering/clicking on the My Account at the top right of the screen, then selecting Organized Play. There are several tabs on your account page.

  • Summary: A list of your GM rankings, all registered characters, and character Reputation totals. You can create new characters by selecting the desired type at the bottom of the screen.
  • Sessions: A chronological list of all games you participated in, which may be sorted using the criteria on the left.
  • GM/Event Coordinator: A list of earned points such as AcP or GM Glyphs, as well as a list of all events you are coordinating and a button to create new events.
  • Boons: A list of all currently available boons in a program. The Player Rewards section of this guide details how to purchase boons.
  • Evaluations: Regional Venture-Coordinators & Venture-Captains have this tab to record GM evaluation games. See GM Rewards for more info.

If you find an error in your session list, send an email to pfsreportingerrors@paizo.com with the error and any supporting documentation you have for the correct data.

Community Code of Conduct

All participants in Organized Play must adhere to the Paizo Organized Play Code of Conduct and the SFS community standards—read through them and uphold them at all Organized Play events and sessions.


To participate in an Organized Play game, you need a character (or PC). You control your character, who will be one of the protagonists in the game's story and can directly interact with the objects, characters, and events within the adventure. You can use a pregenerated character or create your own.

Using a Pregenerated Character

You can use a pregenerated character (or pregen) based on the Starfinder iconic characters. This option can be useful when time is short or you want to try out a character class.

You can choose any of the pregenerated characters without owning the associated source. You can download the Starfinder Pregenerated Characters or request them from your local event coordinator.

Using Your Own Character

You can also build your own character following the rules in the Character Creation appendix. After you are done building your character, register them: go to your Organized Play account, sign in, and click “Register a New Starfinder Character.”

Where can I find a Game?

Each community uses their own game scheduling process. Common platforms used in scheduling games include:

Organized Play Forums

Join the vibrant Starfinder Society online community by participating in the official Starfinder Society forums. Ask questions! Compare character builds! Discuss! Find events! Your feedback helps us improve our program, so drop by and tell us what we can do to enhance your organized play experience.

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