Ways To Replay

There are several ways to replay adventures:

Adventures with the Repeatable tag: Adventures with the Repeatable tag can be played any number of times, with a different character each time. Unlike other adventures, they also grant a chronicle every time they are GMed.

Seeker of Knowledge boon: The Second Seekers (Ehu) and Second Seekers (Jadnura) Factions grant Access to the Seeker of Knowledge boon, which allows a limited number of replays. They are functionally a single boon; you cannot gain double the replays by gaining the boon from each faction. See the boon text for details.

Granted and purchased Replays: All players are granted 2 Replays after their first game. Each January 1st, GMs are granted 1 additional Replay for each nova they have earned up to that point. Additional replays can be purchased from the AcP Boon Store . Players must have or purchase a Replay prior to completion and reporting of the scenario they are replaying.

Granted and purchased Replays can only be used on sanctioned content that is scenario-length or shorter. Each granted or purchased Replay allows one replay of an adventure you have already played as though that adventure had the Repeatable tag.

Replaying for no credit: This is only allowed if the alternative is for the table not to play. Players must record any items or resources expended and may be given a blank Chronicle for this purpose. This is an exception to the rule that you cannot assign more than one copy of a single adventure's chronicle to a given character.

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