Retired Rewards

Time-limited Boons

Some boons were only active for a limited time. Those which have expired are reproduced here for reference.

Alien Archive Admittance

Games played between August 17, 2017 and June 14, 2018 granted credit toward unlocking this boon, which allows players to create a barathu, ryphorian, or wrikreechee PC. A link to the full text of the boon and other details are available in the Paizo Blog post "That Cantina Feel" from October 2017.

Fame Boons

When Fame was eliminated January 1, 2022, some boons were not converted to an AcP version. They are reproduced here for reference.

Abundant Ammunition

(Starship Boon)
Your faction provides you with ample starship ammo.
Prerequisites: Acquisitives Tier 1
Cost: 1 Fame

Benefit: When this boon is slotted, select one starship weapon with the limited fire special property on the group’s starship. The selected weapon increases the value of the limited fire value by half (rounded down). For example, a limited fire 5 weapon would become limited fire 7. This boon can be used to improve weapons gained as a result of other Starship boons.

Special: Multiple copies of this boon can be used on a starship, but each copy must affect a different weapon.

Alien Access

(Social Boon)
Your continued devotion to exploring the Vast pays off in the form of easier access to alien technology.
Prerequisites: Wayfinders Tier 3
Cost: 3 Fame

Benefit: You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to skill checks related to negotiating for equipment outside of the Pact Worlds. This also applies to skill checks where a successful result would secure you and your party a gifted alien item (typically detailed in the Treasure section of an encounter). In addition, you always have access to new equipment found on your Chronicle Sheet, regardless of whether you are in an appropriate settlement. You can purchase this equipment at a 10% discount, and it arrives via a non-combat starship within 1d3 days.

Basic Purchasing Plan

(Slotless Boon; Limited-Use)
The following is a list of purchases available to all members of the Starfinder Society.
Prerequisites: All Factions Tier 0
Cost: Varies (see below)

All purchases on the Basic Purchasing Plan list are available with AcP except "+4 to any one skill check." They are listed as individual boons in the AcP boon store. The full table is included here for reference.

Basic Purchases
Award Fame AcP
+4 to any one skill check* 1 Famen/a
Dispel magic 1 Fame2 AcP
Lesser restoration 1 Fame2 AcP
Make whole 1 Fame2 AcP
Remove affliction 1 Fame2 AcP
Break enchantment 2 Fame4 AcP
Greater dispel magic 2 Fame4 AcP
Remove Radiation 2 Fame4 AcP
Restoration 2 Fame4 AcP
Regenerate 6 Fame12 AcP
Starfinder Body Recovery 5 Fame10 AcP
Raise dead 14 Fame28 AcP
Infamy Reduction (by 1) 4 Fame8 AcP
Mnemonic editor (mk varies) 4 × mk purchased**4 × mk purchased**

*Does not include Day Job check
**Mk 1 = 4 Fame / 4 AcP, mk 2 = 8 Fame / 8 AcP, mk 3 = 12 Fame / 12 AcP, mk 4 = 16 Fame / 16 AcP

Special: This boon can be purchased multiple times, as it strictly allows access to purchase the services listed above.

Expert Blackmail

(Social Boon)
You’ve earned enough organizational contacts to help you act against certain targets.
Prerequisites: Dataphiles Tier 1
Cost: 1 Fame

Benefit: During the course of an adventure in which you have this boon slotted, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to call in outside assistance on a skill check against an opponent. You roll 1d4 and add the total to one Bluff, Computers, Culture, Diplomacy, Engineering, Intimidate, Life Science, Physical Science, or appropriate Profession check, representing the added effort of an outside organization. This effect can occur only in situations where you’re acting against a known target or organization. For example, you could spend a Resolve Point to gain this bonus when attempting a Diplomacy or Intimidate check against an opponent, but could not use it for attempting an Engineering check to overcome a lock in a forgotten ruin.

Special: In some cases, the GM can rule that your outside contacts can’t assist. This might be because you’re on a world cut off from the Pact Worlds or dealing with a completely alien threat. In these instances, you do not expend a Resolve Point.

Fusion Guild Contact

(Social Boon)
You’ve garnered some contacts in Pact World organizations dedicated to the construction of weapon fusions.
Prerequisites: Exo-Guardians Tier 3
Cost: Fame varies (see below)

Benefit: When you purchase this boon, select a weapon fusion (Starfinder Core Rulebook 192) with an item level equal to 2 × your Exo-Guardians Reputation Tier. This boon costs a number of Fame equal to half the item level of the weapon fusion, rounding up.

While this boon is slotted, you gain a fusion seal for that specific weapon fusion for the duration of the scenario. You do not keep the fusion seal, but you can gain it again in any adventure in which you slot this boon.

Special: You can purchase this boon multiple times. Each time you purchase this boon, select a different weapon fusion.

Improved Drift Engine

(Starship Boon)
Members of the Wayfinders have access to some of the most advanced Drift engines in the Starfinder Society.
Prerequisites: Wayfinders Tier 1
Cost: 1 Fame

Benefit: Increase the Drift engine of your starship to Signal Booster. This may affect certain aspects of a scenario, but only if the scenario specifically calls this out. Otherwise, the increased engine gives you extra time to prepare for any starship combat encounter you take part in. At the start of a starship combat encounter, you can choose your ship facing and move your ship up to 1d6 hexes in any direction.

Special: A starship can benefit from only one copy of this Starship boon at a time.

Ruthless Blackmail

(Social Boon)
Your allies can be called on to apply extreme pressure to your foes.
Prerequisites: Dataphiles Tier 3, Expert Blackmail
Cost: 3 Fame

Benefit: This Social Boon works exactly like Expert Blackmail, except you add 1d8 to your check rather than 1d4.

Scoured Stars Veteran

(Social Boon)
Whether you were trapped in the Scoured Stars along with Jadnura or were a supporter before the incident, many members of the Society recognize your sacrifice and the hardships you
Prerequisites: Second Seekers ( Jadnura): Tier 1
Cost: 2 Fame

Benefit: You can reduce the Fame cost of any service available from the Basic Purchasing Plan boon by 1 Fame, to a minimum of 1 Fame. For services that normally cost 1 Fame, you can increase the effective caster level of the service by 4. You can also pay the full Fame cost for other services to increase the effective caster level by 4. Allies in your party can benefit from the increased caster level when making purchases for themselves, but cannot benefit from the Fame discount option of this boon.

Sellback Plan

(Slotless Boon)
As your reputation within the Starfinder Society grows, you can return acquired benefits.
Prerequisites: All Factions Tier 1
Cost: None (see below)

Benefit: You can return previously purchased boons with a Fame cost that is less than or equal to your current Reputation Tier in All Factions as long as the boon is neither a limited-use nor a slotless boon. You immediately gain an amount of Fame equal to the total Fame cost of the boon traded in.

Special: You can utilize this boon multiple times, but you can sell only one boon this way between scenarios and cannot sell boons during the course of play.

Team Spirit

(Slotless Boon)
You are an expert at using your resources in order to help out other Starfinders.
Prerequisites: Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Tier 2
Cost: 1 Fame

Benefit: When you or another character is killed during an adventure in which you participated, reduce the Fame cost of the raise dead spellcasting service by 2. This boon is not expended when used.

Special: A dead character can benefit from only one copy of this boon at a time, to a maximum discount of 2 Fame.


(Social Boon)
Your dedication to the First Seeker is renowned throughout all factions in the Starfinder Society. Other Starfinders consider you an upstanding role model.
Prerequisites: Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Tier 3
Cost: 5 Fame

Benefit: When this boon is slotted, you treat your effective Reputation Tier for any faction for which you have earned Reputation Tier 1 as though you were Reputation Tier 2. This affects any boons that scale off Reputation Tier as long as your unaltered Reputation Tier for those factions is 1. At the end of any scenario in which you have this boon slotted, you can purchase Tier 2 rewards from those factions. These rewards can be slotted or used only if you have this boon slotted, or if your Reputation Tier for that faction rises to 2 through natural reputation gain.

Untarnished Reputation

(Slotless Boon; Limited-Use)
Your reputation within the Starfinder Society is rarely called into question. When it is, you have people willing to help you avoid unnecessary repercussions.
Prerequisites: All Factions Tier 3 or Exo-Guardians Tier 2
Cost: 1 Fame

Benefit: You can purchase this boon to remove a single point of Infamy that you have accrued.

Normal: Reducing Infamy typically costs multiple Fame.

Special: You can purchase this boon only once, even if you qualify for it from multiple factions.

Rising Star

(Slotless Boon) (Capstone Boon)
Your work in rebuilding the Starfinder Society is known throughout the galaxy.
Prerequisites: Second Seeker (Luwazi Elsebo) Tier 4
Cost: 4 Fame

Benefit: When you select this boon, it does not apply to your current character. Instead, select one of your Starfinder Society characters with 0 XP. That character begins play with 5 Fame to spend on purchases and no longer pays additional Fame for purchases in Near Space, and pays only 3 additional Fame for purchases made in the Vast (instead of 5). That character gains an additional 5 Fame once they reach 20 Reputation with any one faction.

Starfinder of Note

(Slotless Boon) (Capstone Boon)
Your exploits inspire others to follow you.
Prerequisites: Any Faction Tier 4
Cost: 4 Fame

Benefit: You are in contention for a leadership role in the Starfinder Society. Once you purchase this capstone boon, you are encouraged to send an email to organizedplay at paizo.com with a subject line of “Starfinder of Note.” Include your character’s species, class, name, character number, and a description of 75 words or less in the body of the e-mail. That character is entered into a drawing to become a future in-world venture captain, member of the Forum, or even the First Seeker.

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