Event Coordinator

Your Duties as an Event Coordinator

  • Register your event on the GM/Event Organizer tab at paizo.com/organizedplay/myAccount.
  • Soon after your event ends, return to the link above to report the results of your sessions.

Report the game

Once you have completed an adventure and filled out Chronicle Sheets, report the results of the scenario as part of the living campaign that is Organized Play. For home games, GMs are always responsible for reporting their results. For publicly organized games, the coordinator is responsible for reporting the results.

To report a game, you will need to collect:

  • Each player’s Organized Play ID number
  • Each character’s name, number, faction, and Reputation earned
  • Whether to check any reporting boxes & which boxes if so (see below)
  • Which, if any, PCs died.

As soon as possible after the session ends, go to the GM/Event Coordinator tab at paizo.com/organizedplay/myAccount and click “Report.” Enter the information you collected.

Many scenarios have reporting notes at the end of the adventure. When reporting a game, the reporter checks one or more boxes (A, B, C, or D) based on the PCs’ choices, helping shape the direction of the campaign.

Some scenarios also have a special faction objective in the reporting notes. When reporting a game, check the “Special Faction Objective Fulfilled” box if the PCs fulfilled that condition.

Regardless of the location of play, do not forget to report the results—reporting is very important to the success of the Starfinder Society!

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