Version 6

6.0 (May 22, 2023)

The Guide was restructured for Season 6 to better serve the community. We streamlined or removed rules that were needlessly complex or outdated and consolidated rules that were previously separated across multiple pages into a smaller set of more accessible pages.

Sections Moved


Text Changes

These notes list significant changes to the text, not where sections may have changed locations, which are listed separately above.

Getting Started

Pact Worlds

  • Removed lore from Guide
  • Removed distinction between "major" and "minor" Factions

Recent History

  • Removed this section from Guide (page was entirely lore)

Community Standards and Expectations

  • Inserted reference copy of Organized Play Code of Conduct
  • Inserted reference copy of Pathfinder Baseline


Player Basics

Player-Created Characters
  • Resources: aligned with current practices
  • Character Creation Guidelines: added new always available species: gnoll, hanakan, kiirinta, orc, quorlu, raxilite, shimreen, and thyr
  • Rebuilding Your Character: added new Training Montage and Extended Training Montage boons

Purchasing Guidelines
  • Specified that shopping is allowed between adventures
  • Group Purchases: Removed text on selling a dead PC's gear
  • Spells: Removed list of disallowed spells (this is covered on the Character Options page)

Before the Adventure
  • Added title ("Ways to Replay") / expanded text, including all info on granted & purchased Replays
  • Specified One Chronicle Per Character more clearly

During the Adventure
  • Infamy: Added reminder of existing policy to notify Organized Play staff of PCs marked as dead for 3 Infamy

After the Adventure
  • Added that permanent blindness/deafness are not conditions that require reporting a PC as dead
  • Removing Afflictions: removed party's required contributions to clearing afflictions for pregens
  • Removing Afflictions: streamlined pregens' contribution to a simple discount

Leveling Up
  • Specified that characters must level up immediately when they gain enough XP
  • Streamlined text

  • Removed description of what is on a chronicle sheet
  • Clarified text

Applying Credit
  • Specified the order of events after applying credit (gain adventure credits, then complete Downtime, then gain XP)
  • Specified details on applying held chronicles

Playtest Rules

  • Removed 'Resolving Conditions' section
  • Updated list of playtests

Player Rewards

  • Added AcP, Chronicle, Fame, Game Reward, and Species Access to the list of types of boons
  • Boon Slot List: Removed Faction Slot
  • Boons Which Unlock Over Time: Added that 64-page adventures are treated as if they were Adventure Path volumes

Achievement Points
  • Removed this section

Game Master

Game Master Basics

Who Can Be a GM?
  • Your Duties As Game Master: Specified additional details of reporting results
During the Adventure
  • Table Variation: Added reminder of existing rule that GMs cannot change DCs
  • GM Discretion: Streamlined and clarified, but no rules changes
Ethical Infractions and Infamy
  • Streamlined and clarified, but no rules changes
After the Adventure
  • Fame: Specified that Fame boxes on chronicle sheets should be crossed of (as Fame is no longer in use)
  • Filling Out a Chronicle: Specified that GMs no longer need to sign or initial chronicle sheets

GM Rewards

GM Credit
  • Removed rule to otherwise treat a GM chronicle as if they had played a pregen
  • Clarified rule that GMs select one (and only one) of the options for scenarios that allow a choice of faction for bonus Reputation

GM Novas
  • Added term "table credits"
  • Added explicitly existing rule that Adventure Path volumes count as 2 table credits for GMs
  • Changed Novas table to use "table credits" in place of "adventures"
  • Clarified that 5-Nova evaluations must be from 3 different evaluators
  • Updated 5-Nova qualifying scenarios list
  • Specified that a passing evaluation is 'better than average' with examples
  • Specified limit 3 evaluations per weekend
  • Specified 3-month cooldown if not passed

Table Variation and Creative Solutions

Ethical Infractions
  • Removed alignment infractions
  • Streamlined and clarified remaining rules, but no rules changes

Dealing with the Unexpected

Dealing with Death
  • Removed rule on giving PCs marked as dead a blank chronicle sheet
  • Removed comments on killing a whole party

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