Event Coordinator

An Event Coordinator is a person organizing Pathfinder Society events, regardless of the size. You may be both a Game Master (GM) and an Event Organizer at an event.

Who Can be an Event Coordinator

An Event Coordinator can be Venture Officer (VO) or GM. At a convention, a Venture-Captain or Venture-Lieutenant may be the Event Coordinator, while at a game store, a Venture -Agent may be the Event Coordinator. If playing online in Discord or on the Paizo forums, there is likely to be a VO who is the Event Coordinator. During a home game, whether in someone's living room or online with friends, GMs may act as an Event Coordinator, as well.

Your Duties as an Event Coordinator

As a Pathfinder Society Event Coordinator, you have the following duties:

  • Communicate with your local Venture Officer network.
  • Schedule games and communicate about the event with prospective players.
  • Organize GMs and register players.
  • Provide a welcoming environment for players.
  • Arrange for player tools to be present.
  • Ensure reporting is complete for all games.


How to Create an Event

When an event is ready to be created, whether for a convention or a home game, log into https://paizo.com/ and navigate to 'Organized Play' under 'My Account.' Click 'Create an Event' or the 'GM/Event Coordinator' tab. Midway down the page, click the 'Create Your Event' button. Click edit next to the 'Description,' 'Details,' 'Player Requirements,' 'Location,' and 'Schedule' to fill out the information about your event. Please try to include as much specific information as you can about your event. To include additional reporters, enter the person's Paizo ID in the Delegated Reporters section. Once completed, make sure to click the 'Save Changes' button.

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